Meet The Artist – Keabetsoe Makgoane

My art is an illustration of my curiosity and fascination of human beings and all other things surrounding them.

–  Keabetsoe Makgoane

 Through art, we are given the opportunity to mold and to create not only the manifestations of our own creative and imaginative minds, but also a world that is exposed to a diverse set of experiences and identities.


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It is through art that the mind, heart and soul are opened to expose the complexities of the human experience, to disrupt thought processes and perspectives that have been taken for granted or otherwise used to frame a singular understanding of the world and the people that live in it.

Who is KEabetsoe makgoane?

Kea Makgoane is an artist/photographer based in the South of Johannesburg and uses art to do all of the above. For Kea, art has been used as a form of both personal and political expression and liberation.

Having started drawing at the age of 5 and then venturing into photography at 19 and studying at the Market Photo Workshop, Kea has used art to explore the self and the world. Through their work as an artist and a photographer, they channel their concerns and fascinations of human beings and their environment and how art can be used as a medium to disrupt conventional ideas about these conditions. 

How has Kea’s craft grown overtime?

Throughout their growth as an artist, they have been able to develop the technical skills that aid in the process of creating art, but also the ability to present a narrative.

 To create art is not only an attempt at creating moments that may be visually interesting or appealing, but it is also to bring to light narratives that have at times been neglected and connect people to their senses. These senses not only being the ability to see the visuals that have been presented by the artist, but also the emotion and thought that moves artistic expression into the realm of politics and activism. 

What sets kea apart?

With influences from Zanele Muholi and Jean Michel Basquiat, Kea is drawn by the spirit of rebellion, of seeing what the world has to offer and deciding to take a different route, one with the purpose of igniting significant change in the ways that art is consumed as well as its personal and social impact.

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