5 Cheap Mr Price Home Decor We Love for You


Mr. Price is a fashion-forward retailer that provides on-trend and unique items at an exceptional value to customers. They make trend-led designs available to clients at extremely affordable costs by ongoing innovation and product development, being on the radar of worldwide trends, and attentive sourcing.

The mission of Mr. Price Home is to make quality houses accessible and affordable to all homeware buyers. They inspire us by continually bringing new and cheap home décor ideas to their customers. 

Mr. Price’s home decor doesn’t give clients interior decorating rules; instead, it provides them with tools to help create a home that represents who the client is and what they value. 

Mr. Price is enthusiastic about producing and displaying stunning interiors that excite and inspire customers’ houses while making decisions that showcase dedication to the people and the environment.

You will find a variety of options for home décor at Mr. Price. We have shortlisted five cheap Mr. Price home décor we love for you:

1. Coffee Tables


At Mr Price Home, you will find an abundance of budget-friendly coffee tables to choose from. 

You can purchase their geometric wire coffee table for a contemporary look or their bamboo coffee table for an earthy feel. You can style these coffee tables with books, candles, vases, and sculptural items. 

Coffee tables immediately alleviate the look and feel of a living room; look for one that complements your sofa set and other furniture.

2. Mr Price Home decor Vases


From ceramic to glass vases, you will find affordable yet expensive-looking vases at Mr Price Home.

If you want to incorporate an artsy look in any of your rooms, place their ‘Palma ceramic vase’ on any shelf or your mantel.

If you are looking for floor decorations, you can arrange their ‘Classic Ceramic Urn Extra Large’ next to some house plants for a natural modern aesthetic.

3. Fairy Lights at Mr Price Home


Fairy lights or string lights illuminate any room and give it a dreamy vibe. If you are looking to decorate your dressing table, you can hang string lights around the mirror as it makes for the perfect affordable decor.

You can use string lights to decorate balconies and patios.

Fairy lights are your best bet if you feel like taking things up a notch concerning decor but do not want to spend a lot of money.

4. Mr Price Home Picture Frames


Whether it’s a gallery wall you want to fill up or a mantel you wish to decorate, picture frames are a must.

If you’re going to make things interesting, you can purchase the spiked bamboo frames for your gallery wall.

Kick in nostalgia with vintage carved frames filled with your childhood pictures and memories arranged above your fireplace; they are the perfect conversation pieces.

5. Mr Price Home Key Holders


If you often misplace your keys, then key holders are something you need immediately.

They not only save time by preventing you from looking for lost keys everywhere but also add to the interior decor.

You can find a design that goes with your room’s aesthetic. Place them in the eye’s view so that you do not have trouble finding your keys when in a hurry.

Home decor does not always have to be expensive; it can be affordable and help you achieve that professional interior decor look with just a few bucks.

We have presented you with some cheap items from  home decor ideas above to make your decor journey easier. Now you can upgrade your house without the financial stress with the help of Mr Price’s home decor.


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